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Our "long-recent" history

TSP founders have almost 20 years of experience in the upstream and downstream related to the space technologies and services. In 2015 They started initial low TRL activities leading to the TSP foundation occurred in 2021


Initial PoC

The initial idea was based on a tethered drone to extend the surveillance in critical operations

H2020 funding

The business idea was definitely matured from 2018 to 2020, thanks to a public H2020 European funding allowing R&D completion for End to End operational platforms today on our portfolio

TSP foundation

June 2021 marks the TSP foundation with initial recruitment and activities preparation started in Septemeber 2021


Initial PoC

July 2015. 1st concept demo upon request of the Italy Coast Guard,


First solution validation

September 2019. A first solution based on a tethered drone was validated in Szczecin (Poland) and the Baltic sea.


Stakeholders engagement

February 2020. Thanks to H2020 fundings a project has been succesfully completed with the engagement of 22 European stakeholders



June 2021. TSP company is established on the will of Marco Nisi, Alberto Mennella and Gianluca Luisi. September 2021 marks the signature of the first contract for the procurement of the first E2E platform on TSP portfolio

Generating Ideas is Teamwork

We work day and night moved to the passion in our job

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